Kettering Business New

Issue 3, 2012

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Highfield Door Sales

Whether or not you ever patronized That Big Drive Thru on Stroop Road, you’ve certainly recognized the changes that have taken place
to the building in the last several months. When Rodney High eld purchased the property, he was determined to improve its curb appeal and he’s done just that.

“It’s amazing what he’s already done,” says Gregg Gorsuch, ED Manager. “I can’t wait to see what the property looks like when he’s 100% done with it.” The structure and layout of the building was a perfect t for High eld Door Sales. This isn’t the rst expansion for the company, but Rodney Highfield hopes it will be his last. “We went from 1,700 square feet to 20,000 square feet at this location,” he says. “We’ve got room to grow here without the threat of running out of space.” Highfield loves his new location at 1350 East Stroop Road, not only because he can really showcase his product, but also because he knows the history of the property, having been a patron at the roller skating rink and the community pool that were located nearby. He’s so enthusiastic about the property in fact that he would love for anyone with pictures of the former facilities to stop in and see him. Highfield is very community oriented and appreciates the value of actively participating in the community in which you operate your business. He also believes that first impressions are everything, which is why he put a lot of capital toward improving the façade of the building and why he will continue to spend money on the parking lot and landscaping. He views his trucks as rolling billboards and makes sure that they get washed inside and out every Friday. And the type of effort he puts into his business internally is the type of service you will get from his staff when they install your garage door or entryway door. “Any company is as good as the people in it,” he says. “I make sure we treat people the way I would want to be treated.” Highfield Door Sales is the exclusive Raynor Garage Door dealer in the Dayton area, with products that are American made. He emphasizes that homeowners shouldn’t buy from a manufacturer based on price, but should buy a product based on quality. He also thinks homeowners should consider their garage and entry doors as more than function. “We can improve the curb appeal of a property in three weeks or less. It’s like a facelift for the home.”

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